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For a nominal fee of $155, we will review and critique your résumé and letter of application for any position in K-12 education (e.g., classroom teaching and school administration).  This service includes a detailed review of your résumé and letter of application and a telephone conversation regarding any revisions we might suggest.  We will also provide a one-time follow-up review and discussion of your revised résumé and letter of application.

Please note, that we will not be able to critique your résumé or letter of application for any opening with which we are currently seeking applicants.  Also, even though we will gladly assist you in developing your résumé and letter of application, whatever you send to a prospective employer must be considered your own work product and your responsibility.

If you are interested in discussing this service in more detail, please call Dr. Gaylord Tryon at 515-727-5807.




G.Tryon And Associates
P.O. Box 265
Johnston, Iowa
phone 515-249-3414
email: gtryon@mchsi.com