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Effective October 20, 2017, I will be retiring from the search business.  G. Tryon and Associates will no longer have a web site and will no longer be submitting proposals to help school districts/area education agencies conduct searches for administrative positions.

We have been conducting searches for the past 16 years and have successfully completed approximately 200 searches during that time.  It has been a good journey but it is now time to bring it to a close.

We sincerely appreciate each school district and area education agency who requested our services.  It was a special thrill and privilege each time we were asked to help out.

It has been a real joy to have been able to meet and get to know so many applicants.  Just some really good people wanting to serve the youth of our state.

Our efforts were only successful because of the many outstanding people with whom I was able to work alongside of over the years.  I will be forever indebted to these individuals.

Lots of memories; lots of good people; lots of good stories.  What a rewarding and professionally satisfying experience this has been!

Gaylord Tryon


Dr. Tryon is very pleased to announce that we are continuing the very popular service of reviewing résumés and application letters. To read more about this exciting opportunity, please Click Here.

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